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Fifteen years ago, Amanda experienced firsthand the challenges of moving a family to a new city. Amanda’s husband had accepted a physician’s Residency appointment at Vanderbilt, and the couple had ninety days to sell their home in Texas and purchase a place to live in Nashville.

Upon arrival, Amanda and family were met with the many obstacles of starting a life in a new city where they didn’t know anyone, a considerable hindrance for a full-time working family with young children in tow.

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Physician Relocation

The niche of being married to medicine is one that drove my purpose of connecting folks together in their respective efforts to find a home and community that fits them.

From personal experience when her husband of 18 years, Dr Christopher Baron, was matched to Vanderbilt UMC, Amanda found herself carrying the majority of the move and two young boys (at the time).

A move like that, regardless of where you start and where you end up requires resources, both locally and nationally. This is where Moving Medicine Partners comes in. As co-founder of MMP Team, Amanda teamed up with Zoe Cangas out of St. Louis MO and together they reached out and started with 14 successful realtors across the United States. And since last October, MMP has received an overwhelming response from other successful realtors and we will continue to grow. From Florida to Texas and across to Hawaii, we are excited to offer our white glove service to families looking to relocate at Match Day.

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