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Go to places in Nashville for a date day or night


Go to places in Nashville for a date day or night

The view from our table for dinner at the Twelve Thirty Club. You will definitely want to make reservations for your night out. It is gorgeous and super swanky feeling but you won’t be under dressed in jeans.

My husband and I have a date night every week. It has been a priority of ours for years and a date night in Nashville can be fun and fancy or casual and relaxing. And by “date night,” I really mean sharing a meal, a drink, or a conversation — anytime of day. Our dates change in form week-by-week (and year-to-year) depending on where we are in work, schedules, family… life. For example, when we’re tight on budget, we like to find a cheaper local spot for lunch, or even pack a lunch and meet at the park. Chris is a physician, so when his schedule is particularly tricky, we may meet up for coffee near the hospital. When the kids were younger and we couldn’t find a sitter, we would get take-out, put the boys to bed and enjoy a date night together at home. The point is that we always take some time together each week to check-in and have fun.

Nashville is full of date night options — and many of these can be transformed into a family date, a girls night or a bigger celebration around birthdays, Valentine’s day, or anniversaries. 

Here are our favorite date “day-or-night” options around Nashville:

Get a Little Dressed Up

Date night at The Twelve Thirty Club. There are multiple floors all with a different vibe. It is must-do for a date night in Nashville.

An Inexpensive Casual Lunch

A Quick Coffee (or Brunch)

Day or night, Hattie B’s is a Nashville classic!

Take-out to Enjoy Quietly At-Home

Just a Nightcap

Written by : Sarah Wilson


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