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Physician Residents...should you buy or rent?


Physician Residents...should you buy or rent?

Hello Medical Community Family!

Congratulations on embarking on your residency journey! Let’s dive into the crucial world of housing, and since I’m married to medicine, I understand the unique challenges you face. Here’s some info to help guide your decisions:

Navigating the Housing Scene:

  • Moving to a new city can be exciting, yet challenging. Make sure you have a resource in your new city that can help you learn the market (rental and buying). Understanding the city’s cost of living can help you get your budget in order to help you make real estate decisions.

Renting Wisdom:

  • If your residency is less than 3 years, renting might be a good option for you (unless you are considering an investment property). Make sure you talk with a trusted advisor on pros and cons to renting and what those costs look like. When making these decisions, make sure you consider insurance, taxes, upfront costs, and potential rent increases.

Physician-Tailored Support:

  • Moving to a new area and not knowing anyone can be daunting, especially if you are a physician spouse/partner. We have a great network of physician spouses that can answer questions for you and be a great resource about Nashville and it’s surrounding areas. My Physician Spouse/Partner or my Physician Relocation Guide might be a great place to start!

Exploring Homeownership:

  • If the idea of homeownership in Nashville appeals to you, explore physician lenders. They offer specialized loan programs catering to your unique situation. If you need physician lender recommendations, I am happy to give you a few to research and compare.

Personal Advice:

  • Whether you decide to rent or buy in the Nashville area, you will want instant connections and support. Please don’t hesitate to reach out and let me help you connect with our local medical community. Let’s make your residency adventure memorable!

Nashville is a place I have called home for 17 years! I have learned a ton along this journey and I am happy to share that knowledge with you. Whatever direction your residency takes you, I wish you nothing but success.


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